Moggill Ferry

About 1873, Henry Stanley, a lucerne farmer at Riverview, started a ferry service using first a rowboat and then a timber punt big enough to hold a horse and dray. 

In 1884, the punt sank and was replaced with a hand-pulled rope-guided ferry. The ferry later came under the control of the Purga and Indooroopilly Divisional Boards and many early passengers of the ferry were miners who lived at Moggill and worked at mines such as New Chum.

Crossing the Brisbane River via the Moggill Ferry 1928 (SLQ neg 69070)
A more modern version of the Moggill Ferry, photographed in 1961 (courtesy of Arnold Todd)

In the 1940s, the ferry was motorised under the joint control of the Brisbane and Ipswich City Councils. This four-car ferry was preserved in the ferry reserve on the Moggill side of the river but was washed away in the 2011 floods. In 1979, a 20-vehicle vessel Stradbroke Star, formerly on the North Stradbroke Island route, commenced servicing the crossing.

During the 2010-2011 Queensland floods, the ferry broke free from its cable guidelines but was eventually secured to the riverbank.

In 2015, the ferry was taken over by SeaLink Queensland and a new four-lane vessel brought into service. The cross-river journey takes three minutes.

Where is the Moggill Ferry located?

The Moggill Ferry is located on Moggill Road, Moggill Queensland 4070

Grid reference: 27035’40.79” S; 152051’24.37” E