Moggill Post Office

The first post office in Moggill opened on 1 February 1861. James Shield was the official postmaster, earning £12 per annum. James also ran the general store.

He bought a block of land in Moggill Road at the junction with Hawkesbury Road and the post office was almost certainly located in the Shield house. 

Shield home & PO: The Shield home, which was undoubtedly also the Post Office (SLQ neg 124309)

After James retired, the Moggill State School Teacher, Francis Johns, became the local postmaster and Moggill was now classified as Provincial Post Office.

It was not unusual for the local school teacher to act as an unofficial postmaster and successive teachers at Moggill State School undertook this task.

QPOD 1868 Moggill listing: The 1868 Queensland Post Office Directory listed residents of the Moggill District.

The post office was closed in 1945 and not until 1973, when Bellbowrie Shopping Centre was built, was a post office reopened.

The Post Office was destroyed in 2011 floods and the next year, Michael and Stacey Machin bought the post office and property at 3366 Moggill Road.

In October 2021, the post office moved into the new premises, and it was renamed Moggill Post Office.

Bellbowrie PO demolished: The Bellbowrie Post Office comes tumbling down in October 2021 (courtesy of Neville Marsh)

Where is the Moggill Post Office located?

The Moggill Post Office (Bellbowrie LPO) is located at 3317 Moggill Road, Moggill Queensland 4070 in the Moggill Village Shopping Centre

Grid Reference: 27034’10.59” S; 152052’37.91” E